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Coaching & Guidance

Jessica is an intuitive and certified trauma-informed life coach. Connect with Jessica and learn how to overcome adversity, transform your life, break through blockages, and support yourself through life's transitions. 

Tarot and Channeled Messages

Intuitive Guidance

You might have had a tarot reading before, but have you experienced a compassionate reading from a certified trauma-informed life coach? 

Experience intuitive insight and add tools to your toolbelt that help you reach the next stage of your personal development, healing, and growth.

I can also work with you on developing your own intuitive gifts and ability to receive and channel guidance for yourself. 

Kendra E., CA

"I found Jessica at a time in my life when I was feeling defeated. I had a chronic injury and was also working through substance abuse. I was seeking medical assistance and attending programs to help in those areas, but I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I needed a serious change! Before meeting Jessica, I thought I would never dance again - a lifelong passion of mine. She helped me identify my self-limiting beliefs and I now feel confident in getting back to the barre... She was like a Sherpa guiding me on my journey of self-discovery. I am more confident in my sobriety today and have developed a lot of positive micro-habits. I feel like I'm working towards my goals."


Jenn C., OR

"Using various tarot decks and her mystifying ability to channel, Jessica has been instrumental in my terrible journey through grief. I lost my husband. I felt totally cut off from him and was unable to believe I was feeling his presence and Jessica helped me to believe he is with me. That belief gets stronger with each reading."

Bec E., Australia

"When I first started my coaching sessions with Jessica I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know the next 6 weeks would be a profound journey. I was feeling stuck for so long I didn’t think I could know what it was like to be unstuck. Since taking part in this coaching program I have experienced bursts of motivation and inspiration which have led me to prioritize more creative time and in doing so I have become more productive in many aspects of my life. I am discovering new passions and interests, enjoying more of my daily life, and will be forever grateful to Jessica for guiding me to my own path of healing and self-discovery."

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